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Do you remember asking your parents for something as a child and being told: “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? Well, they clearly weren’t playing Animal Crossing! If New Horizons is your first foray into the franchise, you might not realize that you can, in fact, grow a money tree! With all those free bells, you’ll have your debt paid off in no time. No wonder it’s such a popular game! You can learn how to plant your very own money tree with this handy guide!

Look for a golden glow

Animal Crossing guide Money Tree

Each day, your island will randomly generate buried treasure. Search all over, and you’ll find a handful of cracks in the ground that you can dig up. Additionally, your island will spawn one buried treasure that glows like gold. You can find a glowing spot each day, although it’s possible for it to spawn in an area that is not yet accessible to you.

Once you locate your glowing spot, dig it up, and you’ll find a bag full of 1,000 bells! That’s a pretty sweet deal, but we’re just getting started. After digging up the bells, do not fill the hole back in with your shovel. Instead, it’s time to make an investment.

Gather your cash


With the glowing spot exposed, bring up your inventory and click on your wallet. You’ll have the choice to withdraw money in various amounts. Click the “10,000” option, and 10,000 of your bells will be placed in a bag that becomes an item. If you don’t have 10,000 bells on you, don’t panic! You can do this trick with a lower amount, but you’ll receive a lower yield. However, there’s no rush.

The glowing spot will remain active for the rest of the day. You can pull money out of your bank account or even take your time earning the money, as long as you return before the end of the day.

Bury your bells

bury in hole grow

Once you have your 10,000 bells on hand, head to the glowing spot, and you should get a prompt to bury it. This process can be a bit finicky, so if the prompt doesn’t pop up, try approaching the glowing spot from a different angle. You also have to make sure that you’re holding the shovel, or the prompt to bury won’t appear.

Animal Crossing money tree guide

Once you’ve successfully buried your 10,000 bells, you’ll see the first sprout of your money tree. You may want to place some kind of marker nearby, so you can remember which tree is the right one. Alternatively, you can move the sapling to a new location. Dig it up with your shovel, then replant somewhere else, and you’re set.

Harvest time

final grow money tree

It will take your money tree a few days to grow to full size. Once it does, it will grow three bags of money, each with 10,000 bells inside. Thus, you triple your investment at harvest! That’s it for this Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide on growing a money tree. If you enjoyed it, you might also want to check out these helpful guides:

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