Bandai Candy Division Animal Crossing: New Horizons vinyl dolls up for preorder in Japan

In more Animal Crossing: New Horizons news, how about decking out your shelf with these cute vinyl dolls? Via sister site Siliconera, Bandai Candy Division has revealed a set for the Japanese market, due to release sometime next March. There are seven in total, with each costing ¥500, or about five good-old American dollars. Sadly, there’s no announcement for the U.S. region at this time, so you can put those dollars away.

That’s because it gets more region-specific than that though. At present, the dolls can only be ordered at specific store locations in Japan, rather than a broad online release. That may change in the future as we get closer to release, but nothing has been revealed yet. The seven dolls consist of Isabelle, Tom Nook, Rex, Lolly, Marshal, Dom, and Flurry.

Bandai Candy Division Animal Crossing: New Horizons vinyl dolls up for preorder in Japan

We’d like to see this line expanded and brought overseas, but we’re not holding our collective breaths. At least we have plenty of Animal Crossing to sink our teeth into though, as the Winter Update has just dropped.

The new update brings expanded home storage, data transfer options, and a whole load of festive goodness. That includes the Turkey Day and Toy Day events, taking place around Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively. Oh, and you can now sit down in New Horizons — what more could you want?

These Animal Crossing: New Horizons dolls will launch in March 2021.


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