Animal Crossing: New horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons¬†held the spotlight for a long time after its perfectly timed release at the onset of a sweeping wave of lockdowns. By now, plenty of players have experienced just about everything that the game has to offer. To that end, Nintendo has helped keep the game alive with a handful of seasonal content updates. Datamines of some recent updates (version 1.10 and 1.11) hint at the possible return of one of the series’ most popular characters and locations: Brewster and his Museum Cafe.

A deep dive into the game’s code post-update reveals a few references to Brewster and his trademark Museum Cafe. First, Version 1.10 and Version 1.11 introduce and tweak camera parameters for a code reference tagged as “IdrMuseum Cafe.” Additionally, another piece of code referenced a third entrance for the museum as “IdrMuseumEnt03.” Version 1.10 also made changes to the museum’s EventFlow query that essentially made room for a new value to be processed – this possibly could appear as a new version of the Museum, Cafe in tow. Finally, Version 1.11 features another code flag – “cNpcMemory:TalkProgressMuseumBuiltCafe.’ The flag appears in the EventFlow for constructing the Museum, but is not actually put to use in any way.

A few stray lines of code do not confirm anything any which way, but Nintendo has already stated that it plans to provide us with more Animal Crossing: New Horizons¬†content in 2021. This also is not the first time that we’ve found hints and signs of the beloved Brewster’s long-awaited return. While the code on its own might not mean much, we’re still hopeful that Brewster will make a comeback before too long.


Andrew Rockett
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