Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack slider instrumental k.k. slider

Nintendo revealed two new Animal Crossing original soundtrack compilations set to release this June in Japan, including a K.K. Slider Music Collection Instrumental. Additionally, a limited edition version featuring both soundtracks, an earphone case, and more will also be available to order.

Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack BGM Collection

Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack

The BGM collection comes with four discs and 173 tracks of select BGM that play throughout an entire 24-hour day in Animal Crossing.

It also comes with the opening theme performance from the remote concert that took place last May. The BGM collection soundtrack will go for 4,950 yen (~$45.45).

Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack K.K. Slider Music Collection Instrumental

Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack slider instrumental k.k. slider OST

The second soundtrack is all about K.K. Slider, with three discs and 95 tracks from the jamming dog. It’ll go for 4,400 yen (~$40.39). The tracks are all instrumental versions, including several rare songs that require certain conditions to hear in the games.

Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack (First-print limited-edition)


Lastly, a limited edition version of the Animal Crossing OST will be available for 11,000 yen (~$100.98). It includes BGM Collection and K.K. Slider Music Collection OSTs for a total of 7 discs and 268 tracks. The limited set also includes an exclusive K.K. Slider earphone case and K.K. Slider Jacket Artworks book. Everything comes in a special limited box.

The Animal Crossing OSTs will release in Japan on June 9, 2021. If you’re looking for more Animal Crossing merchandise, the Build-A-Bear Workshop released Isabelle and Tom Nook plushes earlier this month.


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