Animal Crossing-inspired Switch pro controller include Tom Nook design Stoga

In more third-party accessory news, a new line of Animal Crossing-inspired Pro Controllers have been revealed by third-party manufacturer Stoga. These include two controllers based on the pastel blue and green of the official New Horizons set, along with a brown controller that looks a lot like Tom Nook’s face. Recently, we reported on a similarly themed set from Gioteck, but these fit the Animal Crossing theme far better.

That’s partly down to the overall controller shape. The new Pro Controllers from Stoga feature shoulder buttons that look a lot like cute bunny ears, or those from a capitalist racoon if you opt for the Tom Nook option. It’s not just the shape though, as the three color options really pop and provide a nice range of Animal Crossing-themed controllers for those looking for something a little different.

Green Animal Crossing controller

Blue Animal Crossing Controller

Animal Crossing-inspired Switch pro controller include Tom Nook design Stoga

Inside the controllers, there’s a decent set of features too. Stoga boasts “built-in 6-axis gyro” for motion control support, alongside wireless capability and a rechargeable battery. The wireless connectivity uses bluetooth and has a range of roughly 32 feet, and the built-in battery lasts 5-8 hours on a charge, which takes two hours to fill up. Sadly, the battery pales in comparison to that of the official Switch Pro Controller, which lasts around 40 hours according to Nintendo.

The Stoga Animal Crossing Pro Controllers cost $39.99 each and are available online.


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