Animal Crossing's Raymond

Have you become acquainted with Animal Crossing’s Raymond? A newcomer from the latest title, New Horizons, Raymond is a smug cat who has heterochromia (just like David Bowie). Natalie Sideserf, from the YouTube channel Sideserf Cake Studio, loves the character so much, she created a cake based on his likeness. The result is outrageously impressive.

Animal Crossing’s Raymond looks like he’s no-nonsense

Natalie, besides describing the plot of Animal Crossing quite succinctly, broke down how she made the giant pastry with a nine-minute video:

Is it just me or did part of the cake look like a pastrami sandwich? With avocado mixed in?

Anyway, this project looked like it took quite some time and required many tools in order to get Raymond just right. I’d say gamers have plenty of freedom to make this delicacy due to quarantine. However, you may not have all the fancy ingredients Natalie has on hand. We’re not all Jacques Torres, after all.

Enthusiasts, do you think Animal Crossing’s Raymond has received his just desserts? Could you live with yourself if you ate part of his mind? Let us know the answers to these burning questions by leaving some comments down below.

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