Another Crusade Super Mario RPG

Long before the Mario & Luigi developer went bankrupt and Paper Mario went action-adventure, fans lamented for a follow-up to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It turns out that Mexican-based developer Dragon Vein Studios never gave up hope for a sequel, but after a lot of waiting, the team has now taken matters into their own hands. They’re developing Another Crusade, an indie game that they hope can add on to the classic SNES title’s legacy by invoking the very same charm and style. Take a quick look at Another Crusade in action with the trailer below.

A cursory glance at that trailer or the game’s Kickstarter page makes those Super Mario RPG inspirations clear as day right away, but just to be thorough, the Kickstarter page description very emphatically lays out the team’s ultimate goal for Another Crusade:

The game is greatly inspired by Super Mario RPG, we are actually trying to become its spiritual successor. If you ever dreamed of a sequel to it, we too share that dream, that’s why we are making this game.

So far, Dragon Vein seems to be doing a fine job with that. Everything about their game seems to invoke the classic Mario adventure in one way or another. There are some obstacles still standing between Another Crusade and spiritual successor status, though. The trailer looks promising but shows lots of room for polish, and the game itself still needs to get funded. At the time of writing, the project has raised $3,717 and has 26 days to get to $11,218. That’s just base funding, though. Several of the ensuing stretch goals add enjoyable features like summoning, New Game +, and, very importantly, a Switch port that unlocks at the $44,000 mark. Already a few days into its campaign, Another Crusade needs to really pick up the pace if it’s going to hit some of those later stretch goals – in the meantime, let’s just hope it gets funded so that it can come to life to some degree. It looks like a great game heralding a style of classic RPG that we don’t otherwise see much of in today’s industry.

Andrew Rockett
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