Legendary Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma must know we all want more Zelda. He can also hazard a guess that the Switch is super popular. Therefore, it’s no wonder he shared some conjecture about the possibility of a new Zelda game for Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid.

Aonuma recently stated that another Zelda game could come to the Switch after Breath of the Wild, which was a huge success for the system. He did not provide any gameplay or plot ideas regarding the hypothetical title but did mention that Breath of the Wild did not utilize the Switch’s features to the fullest. The next game in the series likely will.

I can see this happening because there is precedence for it: both Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild launched on older and more recent consoles simultaneously (GCN/Wii for TP and Wii U/Switch for BotW, with TP actually getting a third release on Wii U ). Time will tell if the next Zelda game will have a cross-platform launch down the road, but I think it’s safe to assume it will land on Switch in some form.

Do any of you fine folks think a new Zelda game is in the Switch’s future? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts!

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