Arc of Alchemist from Idea Factory coming west in early 2020

Idea Factory has been hard at work launching a bevy of new IPs, perhaps in an attempt to find their next big thing after being responsible for the massive multimedia franchise Hyperdimension Neptunia for so long. One of those upcoming games is an RPG titled Arc of Alchemist, which was originally announced last year and released exclusively in Japan in February of this year. It was supposed to be localized and released overseas sometime in the summer before being delayed to the winter. It was then hit by another delay, and now Idea Factory is promising that Arc of Alchemist will finally be launching outside of Japan in early 2020.

We have an old brief preview trailer that shows off some of the systems and mechanics players can expect from Arc of Alchemist. The game is unique in that it’s half anime-fueled hack-and-slash RPG, but also half building simulator.

You can utilize four different elements to craft blocks and structures that let you navigate through unreachable paths or develop a massive home base. You can even do a variety of character and party customizing at the base, making it a versatile hub that you’ll want to return to often.

The English release of Arc of Alchemist is set to include a bevy of quality-of-life updates that came to the original game post-launch, ensuring that new players will get as smooth of an experience with the game as possible.

Arc of Alchemist is set to launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC some time in early 2020.


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