Arcade ARchives Raimais Switch

Hamster’s Arcade Archives line is still going strong on Switch, most recently adding Arcade Archives Raimais and Arcade Archives Phozon. Both games were featured in a recent Famitsu stream, which you can watch below.

With each game initially releasing in the ’80s, Hamster dug pretty deep into arcade history for these two titles. Each game is fairly straightforward in its premise.

Arcade Archives Raimais tasks Switch owners with navigating a winding labyrinth loaded with secrets, items, and fun. Originally releasing in 1988 through publisher Taito, players navigate the labyrinth in hopes of locating their missing brother. Fans who enjoy the game enough on Switch to go back for subsequent playthroughs may even encounter a different ending or two, as Arcade Archives Raimais offers a handful of different endings based on what items you grab and which path you take.

Meanwhile, Arcade Archives Phozon treats Switch owners by reviving a Namco title that was originally released in 1983. The action game has players assume the role of a nucleus named Chemic. Chemic’s job is to combine with different molecules in order to complete specific formations. The game ups the ante as players continue by tossing increasingly complex molecular arrangements at the player.


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