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Publisher Hamster is discounting several of the classic games in its Arcade Archives and ACA NeoGeo product lines on the Switch eShop. There are ten games on sale – five from each of the aforementioned system categories – and each game costs $3.99 instead of the usual $7.99. Unfortunately, a few classics from each line-up are missing from this sale, such as Arcade Archives Gradius, but there are still a few good options. The sale will last until June 2, so you’ve basically got a little bit longer than the weekend to decide if you want to take advantage of any savings. Here’s a full list of games you can grab at a discount right now:

ACA NeoGeo games

Aero Fighters 3 
Fatal Fury 2 
Metal Slug 2
Samurai Shodown 
The King of Fighters ’95 

Arcade Archives games

Atomic Robo-Kid 
Crazy Climber 2 
Double Dragon II: The Revenge 
Terra Cresta 

Do you see any games you’d like to pick up? Remember, everything listed is $3.99 instead of the usual $7.99 – for most of these games, I’d say that’s more than a fair price. There are some especially notable fighting and run-‘n-gun games available, and I’m a huge fan of Arcade Archives: Double Dragon II. I love a good, old-school beat-’em-up. I’m not sure that I’ll be grabbing anything out of this sale, but I’m gonna give a few of the games a look – who doesn’t enjoy a nice NeoGeo fighting game, or a bit of on-the-go Metal Slug?


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