Arcade Spirits, a romantic comedy visual novel, hits Switch in May

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Publisher PQube and developer Fiction Factory Games have announced a release date for Arcade Spirits on Nintendo Switch. The digital release date is May 1, and the game will also release physically on May 5. Check out the latest trailer for the romantic comedy visual novel below.

Romance whomever you fancy in Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits allows players to create their own character in a world where the boom of ’80s arcade games never died. Set in the year 20XX, players find a new home after losing their job early on in the story in Funplex, a popular arcade, where they meet a cast of unique customers and personalities. The path players take through the game’s story is decided by them. It’s possible to form a relationship with one of seven romanceable characters, who all have different requirements that need to be met before they’ll swoon.

The game features a combination of story-driven narrative and arcade gameplay. Players will be working hard to impress their love interests, but it’s important to work just as hard to fight rivals as well. This looks to be a game with a lot of replayability, particularly with seven romances to explore. The arcade game element is also sure to be a pleasant surprise for anyone who remembers the ’80s arcade game boom, allowing them to almost relive a part of history.

One of the most interesting aspects of Arcade Spirits is the character creation system. Players can choose among being male, female, or doing away with gender pronouns altogether, a leap forward that more games should be making in this day and age.


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