Areal Kickstarter Suspended Amidst Scam Speculation

A few days ago we covered how the Kickstarter to launch Areal had been successfully funded. A lot of mystery surrounded the project in terms of who was actually working on the game and whether this was a scam or not. While no official details confirming or denying the fraud speculations have been revealed, the Kickstarter has suddenly been suspended adding to the fraud speculation.

Areal is a game allegedly worked on by a group of programmers from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.  Since the Kickstarter launched there had been multiple red flags surrounding the authenticity of the project, one being the modest goal of $50,000 being asked to develop a full out AAA multi-platform game. Coupled with the fact that footage has been limited, the developers have been secretive, and the Vladimir Putin \”letter\” incident, it’s not a shock that Kickstarter has finally stepped in to check the validty of this issue. More news as it becomes available.

Jason Lepine
Operations manager at EG and video darling. The "class" of our Class vs. Crass podcast.


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