ARGcast #130: The History of Nintendo with Tarah Bleier

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Nintendo Enthusiast writer Tarah Bleier joins us to chat about the history of Nintendo, plus our favorite consoles, games, and memories from the Big N!

Now you’re playing with power, ARGonauts! We finally have an episode dedicated to all things Nintendo with Nintendo Enthusiast writer Tarah Bleier. She joins us to chat about the company’s history including their 60+ years time as a trading card company and how they came into creating video games. We also get into our favorite consoles, games, and memories provided to us by the house that Mario built.

We first jump into this past week’s news including Telltale’s closure and the repercussions of that. Then we dive into the Bowsette phenomenon that has taken the Internet by storm. We further discuss announcements for Castlevania Requiem and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy, Nintendo Switch fans wanting Jet Set Radio, and a Diablo animated series coming to Netflix.

This week’s Stage of History goes way back with Shigeru Miyamoto’s first game, Radar Scope. That’s followed by one of Nintendo’s more modern hits, Animal Crossing. Robert then sees red with Nester’s Funky Bowling in Obscura. Don’t forget to grab a hold of the game code giveaways for Rogue Aces and Deep Sky Derelicts. Then stick with us for another round of Random Select!

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