I guess the headline of this article would be enough for many of you to feel really excited about this. Most of you have probably read yesterday’s report about Nintendo’s interest towards Armikrog.

Now it’s official: Armikrog dev became officially licensed by Nintendo. Check out the message from their official Facebook fanpage:

We\’re getting some love from Nintendo… Pencil Test Studios is now a licensed Wii U developer.

Although we cannot say what this means for the whole Armikrog thing as a project, but now there is a big chance in getting this game to the Wii U even if it’s not successful on Kickstarter. Nevertheless, there are still 4 days left in order to reach its minimum stretch goal, can we make this happen people?


The developers updated their Kickstarter page with additional info about the Wii U Stretch Goal and with some great pictures of early concepts based on Nintendo’s new home console:

As you may have heard, Nintendo recently contacted us to discuss the possibility of releasing Armikrog on the Wii U. Our first thought was “I wonder if anyone would want to play Armikrog on the Wii U?” Well…we think YES!!!

In order to make this happen, we’re announcing our first stretch goal of $950,000.

But wait…why are we announcing a stretch goal when we haven’t hit our initial funding goal yet? Great question! Making a Wii U version of Armikrog was not part of our original budget, but so many people have been asking for it that we feel compelled to respond. Achieving this $950,000 stretch goal will cover the additional costs of developing Armikrog on the Wii U–which will be available for download through the Nintendo eShop.

So, once the stretch goal is unlocked, what do I have to do to get a Wii U version? If you’ve already pledged to a tier (or add-on) that includes a digital download of the game…then you don’t have to do anything! The Wii U version will become an additional option next to the PC, Mac and Linux versions (which you will specify in the survey you receive after the campaign has ended). Of course, if you haven’t pledged yet—go do it now! Note: the Wii U version is a digital download only and not available as part of any physical boxed versions.

We’re really excited about this first stretch goal! Nintendo is too—they’ve even fast-tracked us so we’re now an official licensed Wii U developer! And while we’re still in the early stages of design, we’ve already been kicking around some ideas of how Armikrog might work on the Wii U. Check out the images below to see some early concepts!

But wait…there’s more!!!

Ever wonder how Tommynaut and Beak-Beak became friends? If we meet this first stretch goal, we will also create an exclusive animated short that tells the hilarious story of how Tommynaut and Beak-Beak first met. This short will be available to every backer as a digital download. How cool is that?!?

Thanks to everyone for all the support we’ve received so far. We’re heading into the final days of the campaign, so please continue to spread the word about Armikrog!

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[Source: Facebook]


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