Ash Ketchum

It’s the season of dress-up. Soon, children and adults will be donning masks and costumes for Halloween. For the Pok√©-fanatics out there, an outfit exists that is sure to please those who hold Ash Ketchum in high regard. However, there is one small caveat: it looks like it was made by Satan himself.

I don’t want to wear Ash Ketchum’s skin

Check Amazon’s product page for costume details. Only one seller is offering the hell-spawn for around $50, including shipping. If you choose to depart with your hard-earned money, you’ll receive a jumpsuit, gloves, and a mask that does not hide your eyes well. The outfit is pretty spot-on, though.

I cannot get over Ash Ketchum’s face. No matter what the wearer does, any passerby will look at them and believe they are silently pleading for help. Perhaps, once the mask is applied, it will be impossible to remove it. There is no documentation pointing to that being true, but why take that chance? Just bust out some holy water if you ever come across this outfit and spray it liberally. I almost guarantee the entire persona will dissolve into ash, and the poor soul inhabiting it will be at peace.

Enthusiasts, are you disturbed by this Ash Ketchum costume? Will you be purchasing it for the sole purpose of ridding the world of its existence? Let us know your answers in the comment field below.

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