Pokémon is a successful video game series. Also, its anime adaptation is still going strong. But add ASMR to the mix, and things start getting weird. Uncomfortable, even.

These ASMR clips were officially made by The Pokémon Company

If you want to delve into a descent of madness, watch the clip below. It features Charmander and is 30 minutes long:

I couldn’t watch the whole thing straight but did manage to skip around a bit. It’s Charmander asleep around a campfire while the crackle of flame hits your earbuds. The beast moves around a bit and wakes up groggily from time to time, but that’s pretty much it. Creepy. Someone, please erase it from my memory.

There’s more! Chespin gets in on the ASMR action with a “Happy Snack Time:”

This one is mercifully short at 8 minutes. Still, it’s just Chespin gorging themselves with snacks. In addition, this is advertised as a “Kids Song.” I don’t know why, as it is just a cacophony of munching sounds. Admittedly, I am not hip to what the youth is listening to nowadays.

Enthusiasts, do these Pokémon ASMR broadcasts make you feel uneasy? Let us know why you think these abominations exist in the comment field below.


Arthur Damian
Arthur Damian is a writer, editor, educator, and lover of video games. Based and living in Brooklyn, NY, he has been gaming since the age of five, from the NES to the Nintendo Switch. His favorite system is the SNES, his favorite game is Chrono Trigger, and you cannot convince him otherwise. He loves dogs, rainbow cookies, Spider-Man, and songs with intricate drum patterns. Arthur is also the Editor-in-Chief at That VideoGame Blog.


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