Astral Chain

As Astral Chain closes in on its August 30 release date, which now stands less than a week away, those of us who are very excited for the game have been picking up on strange tidbits and details after pouring over the same trailers, gameplay videos, and interviews again and again and again. Recently, some attentive eyes have noticed a plethora of cats scattered throughout the game. Evidently, this is something the developers at Platinum are asked about rather frequently. Astral Chain‘s director, Takahisa Taura, announced the studio’s reason for having packs of cats at every turn within the game, basically saying “We don’t need one.”

The tweet below from the Nintendo of America Twitter account gives the full quote, where Mr. Taura says that no reason is necessary for appreciating cats. To drive the point home, the tweet also attaches a few screenshots of the game’s cats. They are mostly just doing cat things such as sitting around, drinking from their bowls, and leaping from people’s arms. While the cat love was much appreciated, Mr. Taura also spoke out to the dog lovers out there, assuring us that our canine friends will also be fairly represented in Astral Chain.

Platinum evidently has its share of animal lovers on the design team. Personally, I am all for it. Hopefully, we can pet as many of these fluffy sweethearts as possible.

Astral Chain is now close enough that we have nothing better to do than ask about the feline hordes hanging out in the game. Luckily, the wait is almost over, and the game’s first review gave us a lot to be excited about. Will you be picking the game up on release day? Are you prepared for the inevitable cat overload, or are you more of a dog person? Sound off in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
Reviews Editor at Nintendo Enthusiast. I am a major fan of all consoles and eras. Follow me on Twitter @habitablestorm3 to watch me tweet about the many old games I love to spend time with.

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