Astral Chain 16-bit minigame Lappy Balloon from Takahisa Taura

Astral Chain is almost here, and the verdict is exceedingly positive already. Not only is it apparently another masterclass in action game design from Platinum Games, but it also offers an enticing world beyond the action. In fact, in a tweet via an official Nintendo account, Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura encourages gamers to go looking for a “hidden 16-bit-style minigame” contained within.

Games within games are always a delight to discover. Recently, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had a 2D minigame called “Tiger Tiger” that was actually pretty darn fun and addicting, and the reward for your skill was a lot of extra power-ups for one of the party members. Will such a thing happen when players discover “Lappy Balloon” in Astral Chain? Heck if I know! I haven’t gotten my hands on the game yet.

Incidentally, the one available screen of “Lappy Balloon” looks very 8-bit and NES-like. The colors and details aren’t intricate enough to suggest a SNES-caliber game, so I have to assume things get more interesting past the start screen. In any case, it’s likely to be an entertaining time.

Are you planning on picking up Astral Chain now that the reviews are virtually unanimous in their praise, or were you sold on Astral Chain from the get-go? Let us know!


John Friscia
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