Astral Chain

Astral Chain comes out in two weeks, meaning review copies are out in the wild. Thanks to that, GameXplain has released a handful of videos showing off the upcoming Platinum game. While we’ve seen the gameplay in official trailers, what we haven’t seen up till now are the full opening cutscene and the extra-anime theme song.

In the opening cutscene, we get some key insights into what the deal with Legions is, as well as somebody saying the phrase “Astral Chain” aloud. I love it when they say the thing. Earlier this week, in an interview with the director of Astral Chain, Takahisa Taura, he noted that he was partially inspired by Pokémon. While he was expressly talking about the combination teamwork, I can spot something else in this scene that might be more than just a little inspired by the monster-catching franchise.

As well, the intro movie shows off the main theme of Astral Chain: “Savior”. This heroic theme is accompanied by a montage of characters, monsters, and action sequences to help build the hype. If you haven’t seen a single piece of Astral Chain footage, this is a good one to use to get the basic gist.

Astral Chain comes out Aug 30 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. With Platinum Games at the helm, we can expect some crazy high octane combat with plenty of window dressing. While we wait for more news on Bayonetta 3, this title looks like it’ll be one to remember.

Are you grabbing Astral Chain day one? What did you think of “Savior”? The anime feel is strong with this game, and I’m excited to see the full story unfold just a couple of weeks from now.

Cody Morris
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