Astral Chain revealed

Platinum’s newest game, Astral Chain, will hit store shelves in just over a week. Since we’re getting closer to release, the company has been sharing a lot about Astral Chain. This includes a sweet intro sequence and multiple gameplay clips. The game’s director even recently revealed that parts of the game were inspired by Pokémon.

If this wasn’t enough for you, Nintendo UK has you covered. Gamescom 2019 is still underway, so Nintendo is showing off all the games coming to their system. So of course, they couldn’t forget Astral Chain. Director Takahisa Taura stopped by to present over half an hour of gameplay, showcasing new enemies, an unseen area, and that sweet action gameplay which Platinum has become known for.

If you ask me, this game is shaping up to be another classic from Platinum. The flashy, action-packed gameplay should be enough to satisfy any fan of the genre. Personally, I can’t wait to give it a shot!

Astral Chain follows an officer from a special police force that is tasked with solving cases. In the overworld, players will question characters and solve puzzles to gather information. Throughout the game, officers have access to the Astral Plane. This serves as the game’s primary “dungeon-crawling” segments.

Astral Chain will finally hit store shelves on Aug 30. The game will be exclusively available on Nintendo Switch.

This will serve as the first game from Director Takahisa Taura. It is also being developed under the supervision of Hideki Kamiya. The Switch exclusivity further solidifies the relationship between Nintendo and Platinum.

What do you guys think of this new gameplay? Are you excited for Astral Chain? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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