Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura reveals secret two-player is hard

Astral Chain is a pretty typical video game: You’re a futuristic cop chained to an other-dimensional creature who fights other other-dimensional creatures. Makes perfect sense! In this latest crazy action game from Platinum Games, you are supposed to control your cop and your chained creature (a “Legion”) at the same time. However, Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura has revealed you can play the game with two players instead–but it’s really challenging.

Apparently, to enable secret two-player play, all you have to do is disconnect the Joy-Con. One Joy-Con will then correspond to the cop, while the other Joy-Con will correspond to the Legion.

However, the game suddenly becomes much harder as a result because combos demand on acting in sync. To really succeed, you and your companion have to learn to fight in tandem, as one unit. It sounds really difficult but also, maybe, extremely rewarding. It should be fun to watch others accomplish, at least. I think I’ll pass on that challenge!

If you need more Astral Chain in your life, Nintendo Treehouse: Live has offered up an hour of footage, so check it out below! This game will release on August 30, just two and a half months away.


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