Astral Chain

It’s not too much longer now until Platinum Games launches their futuristic action title Astral Chain. The defining feature of this game is its showcase on dual-character combat. You, as a cop, fight alongside a chained creature known as a Legion. While this may seem like a strange concept, director Takahisa Taura cites an even stranger inspiration for this title—Pokémon.

In a new edition of Mr. Taura’s Case Files, the first-time director expressed his love of Pokémon and explained its connection to Astral Chain:

In Astral Chain, the player summons & fights alongside a Legion. I really love Pokémon, so maybe the idea of calling on another character to fight alongside was greatly influenced by my childhood gaming experiences of growing up alongside my Pokémon.

Takahisa Taura

This seems like a little bit of a stretch to me, since the Pokémon trainer doesn’t actually do any fighting. But at the same time, I can see where Taura is coming from. You team up with your Legion (much like  you would with a Pokémon) to collectively take down the opponents. You can also switch out your Legion on the fly to better adapt to shifting battle conditions, much like switching out your active Pokémon.

Do you see the Pokémon inspiration within Astral Chain? Are you excited for the latest Platinum title?


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