WWE Asuka dancing Kirby plush Kirby Side Step

It’s probably been over 15 years now since I stopped watching WWE, but I still appreciate the spirit of professional wrestling. It’s all about persona and melodramatic storylines and settling all your problems through violence — very typical stuff. WWE Superstar Asuka — whose actual name is Kanako Urai — has stood out in recent years with her persona and skill set. But in the realm of video games, she’s also stood out by opening a YouTube channel and playing video games, as we’ve previously reported. This time around, Asuka’s released a video showing off her new dancing Kirby plush toy — and the operation she had to perform on it.

Okay, so “operation” is just a fanciful way of saying “inserting batteries,” but close enough! It’s a surprisingly time-consuming process as well. Nevertheless, with a decisive bop on the head, Asuka finally gets her Kirby plush to dance a jig, playing familiar classic series songs. Give the video a watch if you just want to unwind with something silly and fun.

Incidentally, we also reported on the dancing Kirby plush last April, so it’s nice that the above video confirms this piece of Nintendo merchandise is exactly as cute as we’d always suspected.

Let us know if you’re an Asuka (or Kirby merch) fan!


John Friscia
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