Atari Flashback Classics is bringing 150 classics (and probably some duds) to the Switch. You won’t run out of games to play on the go, that’s for sure.

The game was “announced” thanks to a listing on Walmart, as a result, there is no release date listed. It combines all three volumes of Atari Flashback Classics into a single game and will cost $39.99. Like the other versions, it will have leaderboards, online and offline multiplayer, 3D cabinets and 3D VCS box art.  It doesn’t look like it includes any other bonus features aside from bundling the previous volumes together.

Did you play any of the other volumes? If you pick this up, how many of the 150 will you realistically play? Is Holey Moley worth the price of a coffee? Let us know what you think!


Matt Graff
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