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Atlus is looking like it has its Switch future on lock. But what about the company’s past projects? It recently held a poll asking Switch gamers which of its properties they would like to see on the hybrid console. A few days later, and it looks like the Atlus survey has been an eye-opener.

Will the Atlus survey lead to a bevy of Switch ports?

As highlighted by Reddit user u/KoholintDX, Atlus left a message on its Twitter page explaining the poll was the most feedback it has ever received. A lot of outlets reported on the survey, so it makes sense it reached a lot of eyes and ears.

Although a study like this doesn’t automatically mean Atlus is making a dozen Switch ports, it does give players faith the company will at least consider them. Gamers who grew to love Joker in Smash Bros. Ultimate would certainly love to know more about the series he calls home.

However, I just realized all of the Persona rhythm dancing titles were not listed in the poll. You overlooked some quality tempo-based video games, Atlus! I need to improve my “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” score on the go.

Enthusiasts, has your faith in the Atlus survey achieving results been elevated due to this development? Let us know how you are feeling on the inside with a thoughtful comment below.

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