Atooi, the esteemed indie developer behind Mutant Mudds and several other fun titles, has something cooking. Two suspicious tweets by the company’s twitter account, one two days ago and one yesterday, paint a confusing picture telling us that something is coming soon. Here’s the first tweet:

At first, this looked like a joke about a beloved Atooi character such as Max from Mutant Mudds receiving that all-too-famous Super Smash Brothers invite. However, yesterday, we got a look at the actual letter in another tweet.

The message in the picture makes no sense on its own, but the bolded letters say “KF is coming soon.” The message seems to imply that whatever Jools Watsham is developing will have some spooky elements, though there really is no way to tell at this point. Atooi, what are you hiding?

Whatever Atooi is getting at, we will hopefully know soon.  I’ll be keeping an eye on their Twitter account just in case something else pops up, which I think it will. Halloween is coming up, and if this alleged new game is horror-based to any extent, we may even see a release come up really quickly. Here’s hoping, because Atooi has some great games to their name, most notably the utterly fantastic Mutant Mudds Collection. Creative new titles from this developer are always welcome in my book.

Andrew Rockett
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