Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 will also be an online-only event

Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 online only AGDQ 2021 online-only event January

Games Done Quick has announced that Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 (AGDQ 2021) will be online only. The threat presented by COVID-19 looks like it will still be far too much of an issue during the event’s set dates, Jan. 3-10, 2021. With numbers of cases around the world on the rise, this seems like the most sensible route for the company to take.

Being online only seems like the wisest course of action for Awesome Games Done Quick 2021. In the U.K., further restrictions have just come into place, making it look unlikely that things will be anywhere near normal in just a few months.

Games Done Quick did a fantastic job of putting on Summer Games Done Quick Online this year. Participants streamed from home, and that’s how AGDQ 2021 will work as well. Speedrun submissions for AGDQ will be open for speedrunners from Sept. 24 to Oct. 4. The intention is to post the game schedule on Nov. 9, giving us something to look forward to over the winter.

Summer Games Done Quick Online raised $2.3 million without the need for speedrunners to gather at a single venue. Hopefully Games Done Quick can achieve the same or even better this next time around. We’ll just have to wait and see how well this second socially distanced event goes.


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