Back in 1992, Konami created an awesome shooter named Axelay for the SNES. Some of the best features that make the title so memorable are the different weapon-types you can use to outfit your ship (with more options becoming available as you progress), and the shift between vertical and horizontal perspectives between levels. The music is also top-notch, as well as the ingenious use of the SNES’ rotating Mode 7. French developer @upsilandre is clearly a big fan of the game, as they have developed an impressive NES tech demo ROM of Axelay.

My brain cannot comprehend this

Check out some footage of the NES-like Axelay below:

Holy cow, that is smooth! Look at the rotating rocks and hazy sunset in the distance! It needs more weapon loadout options, though.

If you are interested in trying out this ROM, you can download it here. You will need either an emulator or flash cart to play it. The game runs at a silky 60 FPS, which is stunning for an NES-like title. I pray upsilandre adds more levels to their version of Axelay, if for no other reason than to see this boss in an 8-bit form:


Are any readers old enough to remember Axelay? Is anyone more impressed when a game is compressed or enhanced? Have a discussion with us about this subject down below!

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