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Axiom Verge made a big splash in 2015 as a love letter to classic games like Metroid. It featured a vast, mazelike alien world to explore, and it’s developed quite a speedrunning community. Developer Tom Happ rewarded those fans with a free update that added a Randomizer Mode earlier this year. This new mode was originally only available for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, but that just changed! As of yesterday, you can download it on Nintendo Switch!

Axiom Verge Randomizer Mode hits Switch

If you’re not familiar with randomizers, they’re a great way for veteran fans of a game to get a new experience. Key items needed for progression are shuffled around to new locations, so knowledge of the game world and its mechanics are required to find a new route through Sudra. The Axiom Verge Randomizer Mode offers plenty of options, including “Beginner,” “Advanced,” and “Masochist” progression difficulties. You can read more about it in the initial reveal post.

Issues with Badlands

The Axiom Verge Randomizer Mode is available now, but some players will be unable to access it. If you bought your game digitally or via Limited Run Games, you’re good to go! If you bought the game physically via Badlands Publishing, you’re out of luck. If you’re not aware, Tom Happ and Dan Adelman (the game’s publicist) have been involved in a lengthy legal battle with Badlands. The publisher initially promised to give 75% of profits from the game to Happ for medical bills for his son Alistair. However, they never followed through on this agreement or on payment of any kind.

You can read more about this situation in this 2019 Game Informer article. It includes statements from all parties, including an admission by Badlands CEO Luis Quintans that he did not pay what was owed. Quintans, however, blames Happ, Adelman, and Limited Run Games for not being communicative enough. Two years later, the money has still not been paid, and as a result, Badlands copies of the game do not receive updates.


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