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The world collectively went, “Aww!” at the reveal of baby Sonic in the coming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. He joins a small group of video game icons who have been reimagined in baby form, including Mario and… Mega Man? Yep, baby Mega Man is a thing, existing on the Famicom box flaps of Rockman 2 (Mega Man 2 internationally), along with a depiction of an “adult” Mega Man wearing some really odd clothes. Protodude, who runs major Mega Man fan site Rockman Corner, has brought this official Capcom art back into the spotlight on Twitter.

Why this art exists for Rockman 2 at all is uncertain, but it’s typically interpreted to be just a gag from Capcom. Although, I would definitely play a game starring baby Mega Man — absolutely no question about it. Adult Mega Man could make for, uh, perhaps an interesting game experience as well. Fan art has subsequently arisen of these two characters, as you can see below.

It’s been a delightful couple years for this venerated Capcom character, and the future looks brighter now than ever for the franchise, considering there is a movie, a new game, and possibly a mobile Battle Network game in the works, among other things.

Would you want to play a baby Mega Man or adult Mega Man game? Tell us what you think of these oddities!

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