Back in 1995

Fans of horror and tremendously ugly graphics are in for a treat. Developer Throw The Warped Code Out and publisher Ratalaika Games have announced that retro game Back in 1995 is creeping its way onto Nintendo Switch. This comes as no surprise, seeing as how Nintendo likes to dip its toes into scary genres. Check out this trailer featuring horrifying synth and dread:

An homage to the PlayStation/Saturn horror genre

If you have played PlayStation-era horror games; Silent Hill, in particular; then the trailer stirred some strings. I mean, that main character definitely looks like Harry Mason. He has similar clothes, melee weapons, awkward controls, and indescribable monstrosities stalking him. Also, Back in 1995 sees your character in an indistinct world searching for his daughter, just like Silent Hill.

Interestingly, Back in 1995 features retro 3D graphics like low res models, texture warping, CRT emulation, and fixed CCTV style camera angles. These tools really help give the title that outdated 32-bit look we’ve been desperately trying to forget. The game is also just a few hours long, perfect for those among us that spook easily or quickly grow tired of smashing fleshy demons with a wrench.

Back in 1995‘s developer is honest about his influences; after all, his first gaming experiences on the PlayStation and SEGA Saturn helped shape his game. It’s fun to ponder the title’s name, though. Silent Hill came out in 1999, and Resident Evil predated that, releasing in 1996. Alone in the Dark, the original survival horror game, launched in 1992. What’s the significance of 1995?!

Regardless of that mystery, Back in 1995 will launch worldwide on the Switch. No release date was given, but seeing as how we are in the month of October, I can see it releasing relatively soon. Perhaps in time for Halloween?

What are your thoughts on Back in 1995? Does it look appropriately chilling and 90’s retro? Let us know with a comment below.


Arthur Damian
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