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Roughly 100 years ago at PAX East 2020, we had a chance to check out Bake ‘n Switch. More than just a clone of Overcooked, this delightful title has you and up to three buddies hurtling cute food animals into ovens of death. It gets hectic as the levels progress, requiring constant communication between you and your allies. Couch co-op is obviously a feature. However, due to the pandemic, an online multiplayer would be good to have, as well. Thankfully, Streamline Games, the developers of Bake ‘n Switch, are launching a Kickstarter campaign to add this very mode.

Bake ‘n Switch with friends from afar

Here are the Kickstarter details from Steamline Games itself:

Streamline Games to launch Kickstarter to bring violently cute party brawler, Bake ‘n Switch, to online multiplayer.

Bake ‘n Switch pre-launch page is now live on Kickstarter. The 4-player co-op, PVP, and team vs team game due for release on PC and the Nintendo Switch this Summer will now push to deliver online multiplayer right out of the oven!

Initially a stretch goal for the development team in Kuala Lumpur, community feedback has proven this is an element the team did not want to delay. The current global lockdown forcing people to stay at home has only encouraged Streamline Games, and its publisher Streamline Media Group, to make online multiplayer a priority.

“The personal connections we formed with new fans at PAX East were eye-opening for us,” said Stefan Baier, COO of Streamline Games. “The game is ready now and should be shared with more players. We hope to achieve that through our online campaign.”

“Streamline acknowledges that now, more than ever, people are turning to video games to provide entertainment and connect them with family and friends,” said Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Media Group. “Playing apart, together is our shared global reality, and the team has rallied behind the idea of bringing multiplayer to Bake ‘n Switch. We wanted to bring back the joy of playing together, and we can’t wait for players to join.”

The Bake ‘n Switch Kickstarter page launches on Tuesday, 5th May.

See, the devs know what I am talking about. No one knows when it will even be safe to have friends over for video games. Therefore, pushing for an online multiplayer makes a lot of sense.

Hopefully, Bake ‘n Switch won’t require much funding to include online. Gamers are experiencing the effects of a collapsing economy, after all. The official listing goes live May 5.

Enthusiasts, are you able to contribute money to this Kickstarter? Are you looking forward to Bake ‘n Switch when it launches this summer? Let us know below!


Arthur Damian
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