Bake ‘n Switch

Streamline Games, the developers behind the ceaselessly adorable Bake ‘n Switch, is one of many indie devs whose plans got thrown to the wind with COVID-19-spurred shutdowns around the globe. With a successful Kickstarter, the game is back on track with some new online features. Streamline Games had to totally rethink their plans for promoting their cooperative cooking brawler, while also redesigning the game itself – a couch co-op game kind of needs people to be able to gather on their couches, right?

The solution? Gearing the game up for online play on both Switch and PC. Online makes co-op much more accessible, but it’s expensive to implement! That’s what drove the team to take Bake ‘n Switch to Kickstarter. Funding from the $30,000 base goal would be enough to get online up and running on PC and Switch in time for its Summer 2020 release window. Luckily for Streamline Games, they hit that goal today with just seven days left in the crowdfunding campaign.

As a result of an excitable Kickstarter crowd, Bake ‘n Switch just got a little bit sweeter. Hopefully, the servers are tough enough that cooperative cooking works seamlessly across the internet. If all goes well, we should get to dive into this rather enticing title within the next few months.



Andrew Rockett
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