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Let’s travel back in time, to the distant era of… today at 10 a.m. ET., when we reported that Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance launches today on PC and all consoles, including Nintendo Switch. Well, Black Isle Studios has moonwalked back on all that, announcing abruptly that an “unforeseen issue” with the Nintendo Switch eShop has caused it to delay the release of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on Switch. We will likely be waiting “a few days” for the matter to be resolved and to get our hands on the co-op hack-and-slash game. Black Isle Studios is apologetic about the issue.

A delay on launch day as seen with Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on Switch is certainly bizarre, but similar things have happened before. For instance, Aspyr delayed Star Wars Episode I: Racer one day before it was supposed to release last year. That game ultimately launched over another month later.

While Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance offers 4K on applicable platforms, it is mostly a straight port and not a remaster. It continues to only offer local co-op as opposed to online co-op as well. However, for people who enjoyed the original game and wouldn’t mind giving it another go, that’s probably not an issue.

In any case, sit tight just a few more days through this delay until Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance lands on Switch for real.


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