In today’s Indie Corner: Daily Dose we find out that the seemingly endless delay to Ballpoint Universe: Infinite for Wii U is about to come to an end as the game reaches final testing. We also get updates about CW-Game’s Chimpuzzle Pro which is due in Europe towards the end of July, and Curve Studio’s Wii U exclusive Sealth Inc 2 should also be submitted for lotcheck during August. A new trailer is released for Shut the Box from RCMADIAX and Temporus’s Nintendo stretch goal is revealed.

Ballpoint Universe (Arachnid Games)

@Samus2008 It sure is! The game is in its final rounds of testing now.

— Arachnid Games (@Arachnid_Games) July 5, 2014

@Samus2008 It will be $5 on Wii U — Arachnid Games (@Arachnid_Games) July 5, 2014

Chimpuzzle Pro (CW Games)

Chimpuzzle Pro is due in Europe on July 31st.


Shut The Box (RCMADIAX)


Stealth Inc 2 (Curve Studios)

@NintenDaan We should submit early in August. 🙂 — Bidds (@onebitbeyond) July 7, 2014

Temporus (Firebelly Studios)



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