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We’re all currently staring at a giant hole left in the spot normally occupied by E3 trailers and announcements, but many big publishers are slowly catching us up to speed on what they’ve got planned, with Bandai Namco being the latest to join the fray. The company just announced that they’ll be putting on the Play Anime Live showcase on July 22 at 7 PM EDT. One of Nintendo’s favorite partners, the publisher gets a lot stuff done on their own, and this will be a chance to check some of the new stuff out. It’s not immediately obvious what exactly we can expect from the event (beyond, well, anime stuff), but it does promise to get us up to speed on a wide slate of Bandai Namco games. The press release excerpt below explains a little more and provides links for where you can eventually watch the showcase.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. is inviting everyone to tune into the PLAY ANIME LIVE broadcast on July 22 at 4pm PDT for the latest video game news on some of your favorite anime-inspired series.

PLAY ANIME LIVE is a digital showcase where anime and gaming fans can get the latest news and view premiere trailers surrounding Bandai Namco’s lineup of console, PC and mobile anime titles. Fans will see Q&As with developers, participate in live giveaways and more.

The broadcast can be viewed live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live.

Do you think you’ll tune into Play Anime Live to see what Bandai Namco has been up to lately? What games do you want to see showcased? Are you expecting any new announcements? Think we’ll see anything for Switch? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments below!

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