The city-building strategy game Banished has been doing very well on both the PC and Mac. With a strong emphasis being placed on the townsfolk’s life cycle, Banished offers a unique twist on the standard city-building games. Developer Shining Rock Software had some interesting things to share with us, including touching on the possibility of the game coming to the Wii U.

\”I’m glad Nintendo has lowered the requirements for getting indie developers onto the system. Back when I started in the games industry, gamecube kits were expensive and well guarded. (They also looked like a giant eight-track player)\”

\”Right now my focus is on Mac and Linux, plus adding new features to the PC version. but in the future, once those are done, it (Wii U version) might be in the plans\”

Banished could be a great addition to the Wii U library, especially if the GamePad is utilized like a mouse/keyboard set up. We will keep you up to date on any more developments from Shining Rock Software.

Shawn Long
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