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I may not have grown up with the series, but my goodness do I love Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s peak zen in gaming for me, allowing me to just veg out and relax without the usual stresses (both good and bad) I typically encounter in my more action-oriented gaming library… well, most of them. Sure, there is a completion aspect in helping Blathers fill out my own museum with all the fossils, bugs, and fish I have donated. Yes, New Horizons is a quiet, more subdued experience, letting me play at my own pace without rushing.

“Nintendo please patch” Guy

However, my pride as the self-certified Island Ichthyologist starts to crumble with each large fish shadow I throw my rod into, hoping to catch something new, something rare, something I can sell for a ton of Bells to pay off my house loans to Tom Nook like a blue marlin or a stringfish…

…only to pull up yet another bass. You can only see so many “No wait—it’s at least a C+!” jokes before you feel your fishing confidence waver.

Enter Shelby, the woman behind Girlfriend Reviews, as she reels in the Animal Crossing community’s collective distaste for bass into song for all to enjoy. Parodying Billie Ellish’s award-winning 2019 hit “bad guy,” here is “BASS GUY!”

For Shelby’s first attempt at a song parody, it is tremendously well done! I look forward to seeing what other gaming-oriented parodies she may have in mind in the future if they live up to the level of “BASS GUY.” I wonder if her boyfriend Matt will also participate in these…

In any case, if you would loved the parody and want to support Shelby and Matt, be sure to subscribe to Girlfriend Reviews on YouTube and check out their Patreon, Twitch, and TeeSpring.

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