I mentioned yesterday that I\’d let everyone know about two developers that are now considering bringing their games to Wii U. If you haven\’t read the outline of the strategy I\’m trying to pursue when looking for new developers to bring over to Wii U I urge you to read the piece I wrote about it here: A Strategy That Could Change the Way We Look At Consoles Forever And Make Wii U the Most Successful Console

In short, I\’ve been looking for the type of games that have until now been mostly prevalent on PC but can now find a happy home on a console due to the Wii U’s GamePad. The most obvious genres that stick out are massively-multiplayer games and strategy games. Both of those are very much underrepresented on consoles in comparison to PC.

With the ability to select units, create custom interfaces, and type on the GamePad, these genres can finally be feasible on a console for the first time. I reached out to both Muse Games and KING Art Games because each of them were showing off high-quality projects on Kickstarter, were developers with proven track records, and were highly-approachable.


Both of them expressed a pleasant surprise over the more recent changes in policy by Nintendo and they now deemed Wii U to be a real consideration for their games with few obstacles and little risk to contend with.

Muse Games seems quite eager about the possibility of bringing Guns of Icarus Online to Wii U and they\’ve been put in touch with Nintendo to discuss the matter further. Of course, please bear in mind that this is hardly a confirmation. It’s merely a consideration on the part of the developer. They will ultimately weigh what makes the most sense for them. But, if you\’d like to see Guns of Icarus Online – Adventure Mode on the Wii U, let Muse Games know and consider backing their Kickstarter project.


KING Arts also were happy with a few specific changes in Nintendo’s policies that affected them the most. They also thought Battle Worlds: Kronos could be a good game for consoles and was a good fit for the GamePad. However, they aren\’t going to make the consideration of a Wii U version during their Kickstarter campaign (which has already succeeded in reaching its target) but will wait until it’s over to begin weighing the sides. Again, this is not a confirmation, just a consideration on the part of the developer. If you\’d like to see Battle Worlds: Kronos on Wii U, voice your opinion and consider backing the Kickstarter campaign to show your support.

Watch the videos below to see what the two games are all about:

Battle Worlds: Kronos

Guns of Icarus Online: Adventure Mode


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