Nintendo’s UK YouTube channel has uploaded a new Bayonetta 2 trailer, showcasing Bayonetta’s brand new Nintendo costumes shes uses in the game. These costumes aren\’t just aesthetic differences though, in fact they are much more.

Bayonetta’s Fox McCloud cosplay has her using Arwings as guns, and if you look closely enough, you can see tiny Fox, Slippy, Peppy and Falco dolls hanging from the guns.

Next we have Peach and Daisy costumes, which allow Bayonetta to summon Bowser to help her attack enemies, as well as dropping coins instead of halos.

The Hero of Time is the inspiration for Bayonetta’s Link costume, as she dons the famous green tunic, rupees will drop instead of halos.

Finally, Bayonetta puts on the Varia Suit and takes the place of Samus Aran. With this cosplay, Bayonetta can turn into a morph ball and roll around to dodge enemies, as well as use the arm cannon to dish out damage. Additionally, she can spin jump, allowing her to move far distances.

Bayonetta 2 is releasing on Wii U this October 24th in North America. Have these costumes turned you to make a purchase, or perhaps you already had it pre-ordered? Let us know below!


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