Bayonetta 3 Viewtiful Joe Kamiyanews next week, says Hideki Kamiya

[Update: We have been advised by our readers that Kamiya is known to troll his Twitter followers like this, and that his Tweet below may be an instance of the former. The original story continues.]

The 2017 Game Awards marked the reveal of the Switch-exclusive Bayonetta 3. Since then, only a few details have surfaced on the game’s development. This includes an anecdote from the game’s producer on how its design process is breaking the mold in a way veteran players might pick up on. While interesting, it gleans little into the game itself, but that silence is going to break real soon if a cryptic tweet is anything to go by.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who asked about the game, Bayonetta series head Hideki Kamiya revealed that we could see footage as early as “next week.”

With Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 last year, Astral Chain launching in August, and Bayonetta 3 on the horizon, Platinum Games and Nintendo’s relationship could not be better. On the other hand, the studio is also currently working on a new game that is “unlike anything else,” including two new IP that they intend to self-publish. Platinum, until now, mainly depended on other major publishers to market and distribute their games, as the Bayonetta property is shared in part between Sega and Nintendo. Who knows how their future will look post-Bayonetta 3?

Maybe once their pipeline clears, the next Platinum Games project on Switch will be a wonderful one.


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