Bernie Sanders wishes unionization for video game industry

Over the last few years, several publishing companies have been under fire for overworking their employees, especially when it comes to crunch time around the holidays. Not all companies are like this, as we learned Nintendo seems to keep their employees’ health in mind. However, the topic is now widespread enough to be brought up in political conversation via Bernie Sanders.

Sanders recently posted an article from Time on Twitter, calling for the unionization of the video game industry. Sanders argues that game publishers thrive on high profits, but the developers never see that money come back to their own pockets.

While I don’t think this will be a heated central topic in a future political debate, it is nice to see senators sticking up for the industry. We’ve known for far too long that being a game developer can sometimes be a thankless job. Hopefully, Bernie’s take on this will bring more awareness to the issue.

For now, despite what your thoughts are, let’s appreciate the hard work countless development teams across the world give in order to deliver quality products to us. At the end of the day, I think we can all be thankful for that.

What do you all think of Bernie Sanders’ input? How would you like to see the gaming industry evolve to become better? Sound off in the comments below!


Adam Sherrill
I love all kinds of video games. I personally find the most enjoyment in JRPGs, Visual Novels, and pretty much anything Nintendo makes. I'm always open to discovering new types of games, so I'll be happy to check out anything someone suggests.

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