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Okay, so, Best Buy is apparently the place for random and/or insane game announcements. Twitter user @MysticDistance shared an image displaying a listing for Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch, and trusted Internet source @Wario64 is claiming the image is legitimate.

In related news, the rumored existence of Persona 5 S was finally confirmed via a new Japanese Atlus website. No information on what this game is has been revealed yet, but a reveal will come on April 25, which coincides with the second day of the Persona Super Live 2019 concert. Since the rumors began, people have suspected that the “S” in Persona 5 S stood for “Switch,” and that’s looking increasingly likely.

On top of all of this, we must also remember that Persona 5: The Royal (or Persona 5 R) has been announced for PlayStation 4, for which more information will be arriving on April 24, the first day of the concert. A teaser for this game has already been released, revealing a new female character suspected to be a female version of the protagonist from the original game. You can check that out below.

So the question on everybody’s mind right now is — what’s the difference between Persona 5 S and 5 R? It’s likely to be more than just a difference of console. Whatever it is, I’m really excited to find out.


John Friscia
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