Round 2 is over and the results are in. There were 137 voters who passed judgement on the epic tales of Hyrule. There were no weak Zelda games in this past round. It was a competition between great and greater. By choosing one over the other we aren\’t dismissing the loser; we are just extolling the supreme excellence of the winner. Like a duel between two great swordsmen, there can only be one winner. So, which Zelda games will move on to the next round? Click here to check out the slice-of-pie results with your own two eyes.

Link to the Past took 5/6 of the vote against Link’s Awakening. Ocarina of Time stole three quarters of the vote from the Majora’s Mask fans. Wind Waker won by oh so slight a margin against Twilight Princess. And finally, Skyward Sword ravaged the poor Phantom Hourglass, who never stood a chance.

So where does that leave us now? With tough choices. We\’re going to be splitting hairs, here. Some of the best games and most memorable experiences of all time. But, ultimately, the winner will emerge…




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