BIG-Bobby-Car: The Big Race cruises onto Nintendo Switch this month

big bobby car the big race BIG-Bobby-Car: The Big Race Wild River Games

Wild River Games’ BIG-Bobby-Car: The Big Race is set to join the roster of kart racers on Nintendo Switch on Sept. 24 on the eShop and seemingly Sept. 25 physically. I have no idea how many physical copies will be purchased, but I’m confident that most of the people buying it will be doing so just to tick that box for their collection.

As you can see, the gameplay doesn’t exactly look thrilling. It’s based on the toy brand of the same name, which looks to be popular with children about 3 years old. Whether those same children want to play this game on a Nintendo Switch is another matter entirely.

In BIG-Bobby-Car: The Big Race players get to take control of their very own Big-Bobby-Car, which players can design, and it includes the new Big-Bobby-Car NEO and NEXT models. The game has an open world that players can drive around. There are various Big-Bobby-Car NPCs to pick up jobs from, amounting to more than 40 missions over the course of the story. The ultimate goal is to win every race and become the champion of all Big-Bobby-Car races.

If you’re still not sold, the game’s press release lists one more key feature: “All dialogs are spoken completely in English.” If that isn’t enough to sell you, I don’t know what is.

In all seriousness, this game is designed for young children, and it’s clearly built to get them into games with a safe entry that parents don’t need to worry about. The product listing has no multiplayer functionality, online or otherwise. This is a safe game for children to develop coordination with, and in that way it seems pretty great.


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