Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t even out yet, but DLC is still a hot topic among fans. The previous Smash title had a plethora of DLC. Should we expect the same with Ultimate?

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen recently spoke to Nintendo Life about the game and had this to say regarding potential DLC.

But his [Masahiro Sakurai] focus right now is getting the game ready for December,” Trinen said. “The thing about us, when it comes to something like DLC, we don’t really start on it until we have got the game done. So, maybe when the game comes out they will make a decision on if they will do it, or if they do what they want to do, that sort of thing.”

Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC seems to be up in the air. Do you think Nintendo will continue supporting  the game with new characters after its release, or will the roster on December 7 be the final version? Speculate below, in our comments section!

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