Aksys Games has recently announced, via a press release, that Bit.Trip Saga for the Nintendo 3DS eShop will be receiving quite a large sale early next month. Beginning September 1st through September 15th, you will be able to download and own Bit.Trip Saga for as little as just $4.99. Normally this game costs about $14.99.

Bit.Trip Saga is a collection of six titles in the Bit.Trip series by its developer Gaijin Games. These six titles include Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Core, Bit.Trip Void, Bit.Trip Runner, Bit.Trip Fate, and Bit.Trip Flux. These six games were originally released for the Nintendo Wii’s WiiWare service, a precursor to the current eShop for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. All six games were also released at a price of around $8, which would make this game’s new sale a steal that shouldn\’t be overlooked if you haven\’t already bought the game.

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