Black Book takes place in 19th century Russia

We’ve seen a few card-based RPGs released on the Nintendo Switch so far. Black Book, from Russian studio Morteshka, looks to differentiate itself from these by including gameplay elements that are usually found in adventure games. Set in 19th century Russia, you play as a sorceress named Vasilisa who is searching for the Black Book, a demonic artifact that holds the key to bringing back her dead betrothed.

The influences of Russian Mythology

Since Black Book is made by a Russian development team, the game will impart their culture’s expansive folklore. If you’re unfamiliar with certain aspects, an in-game encyclopedia will be present to help you understand. The game will also feature riddles to solve and side-quests to complete, with combat centered around aspects of deckbuilding. Utilizing Vasilisa’s magical abilities, you’ll choose cards that represent various spells. You can find more information on the game over on its official website.

Will you be picking up Black Book when it releases in this year? Let us know in the comments.

Also, if you’re looking for more games with Russian influences, 4A Games announced that they will bring a pair of games from the Metro series to the Nintendo Switch next month.


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