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Blair Witch Animal Crossing code discovered in the game’s trailer

blair witch animal crossing code

A Blair Witch Animal Crossing code has been discovered in the trailer for the Switch version of the game. According to Nintendo Life, who spoke with the game’s marketing team, the code had been in the wild for months and no one ever picked up on it.

The staff at Bloober Team inevitably thought the Blair Witch Animal Crossing code would be found sooner or later — but nope. Considering that the game launched in June, and it took a press outlet to get news of the code out there, I’d say that it’s probably too well hidden. The code will net you an outfit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that resembles Blair Witch hoodies that were given out at Gamescom 2019.

blair witch animal crossing code

Where precisely in the video the secret appears hasn’t been divulged, but it is said to appear for “the briefest of seconds.” If this code went unnoticed, it makes you wonder how many other game trailers out there have Easter eggs we’ve never spotted. Fans are usually pretty tenacious when it comes to getting details from trailers. You’d have thought that this one would have been found within days.

However, this code is actually pretty easy to find once you know it’s there. Scroll down a bit for the timestamp if you can’t find it yourself.





It’s at 0:17.


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